Kramer Technologies, Inc. is a family based business that started as part time in 2003 and has since grown to be Michigan's premier automotive hoist installation and service company. We offer products from new and used lifts all the way to storage cabinets. If you've heard of KT, you may already know that last part. What you might not know is that we also love to help tackle custom projects dealing with security cages, pallet-racking, air-compressor installations and possibly something new you want to tell us about!

Service/Maintenance and Repairs

Having your mechanics working under a safe and fully operable lift can make or break your business. There are many situations that can be easily avoided by servicing existing lifts or even purchase new ones: Potential lawsuit from an employee due to injury using a neglected hoist; a customer's car falling off the hoist, causing damage to the car and completely ruining the lift(not to mention a possible fatality); the car getting stuck on the hoist and causing a backup of work along with being unable to complete that particular work order. These are all situations that could be detrimental to an automotive service business and we keep this in mind on every job. That is why we strive to stay the best in our business - to keep your business running like a well oiled machine.
Automotive lifts are also big investments that pay off easily in the short run. Keeping them running and making you money is key in sustaining a successful automotive service business. Just as you would get a tune-up on your car, hoists need them too.


From two-post to four-post to pad-lifts and in-ground automotive lift installations, we do it all. Kramer Technologies Inc. is the premier automotive lift installation and service company in the state of Michigan. We ensure you have the right product for the job, install exactly to manufacturer's spec down to the last bolt. We'll even give you tips and tricks for safety and maintenance so we don't have to come back!

When you're spending thousands on your business, why would you have anyone else install and service your products?